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Release & Transmute FREE Solstice Special

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Join us and transmute your pain, rage and grief into personal and collective liberation. This communal healing space is open to all and provides the opportunity to still the mind, connect to deeper aspects of self and become receptive of the messages communicated by one’s own spirit.

Using a series of practices including meditation, sound, breathwork and visualisation, we will be working on our own personal spiritual evolution, including heightening intuition, developing more awareness of self and working through emotional blockages.

This transformative gathering provides a safe and nurturing environment for a range of experiences, such as:

• Connecting with elevated ancestors & guides to receive guidance and profound insights.

• Developing a stronger connection and understanding of own unique gifts and abilities.

• Healing deep-rooted generational trauma by releasing feelings of shame, pain, neglect, and abuse.

• Gaining clarity about life purpose, career path, and personal goals.

• Healing personal emotional wounds, including grief, anger, shame, betrayal, and fear.

• Enhancing both mental & physical well-being, cultivating an optimistic mindset towards life

Join us in this wonderful gathering where we come together to heal, grow, and discover our true potential.

For this session you will need:

  • A comfortable private space where you can lie or sit up and relax comfortably.
  • A notepad to journal your experiences.
  • An eye cover/scarf
  • Note: Your camera will need to be on.


Due to the personal nature of this gathering, it will not be recorded.
Donations will only be refunded if the event is cancelled
The entry link will be available in the email receipt and will be emailed prior to the event
Spaces are limited

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Release & Transmute FREE Solstice Special

1 rating