Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal (Digital Stream)

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Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal (Digital Stream)

Ancestral Voices
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Ancestral Voices: Spirit is Eternal

Filmed over 3 continents and housed in the libraries of renowned higher educational institutions such as Harvard (US) and School of Oriental & African Studies (SOAS -UK), this educational documentary remains the most comprehensive to date in exploring the breath and depth of African Indigenous Spiritual systems.

Connecting ancient to contemporary Africa and the Diaspora, it is the first to correlate and expound on the shared philosophies and practices across systems, proving them to be of a common source.

It is a systemic exploration of African spiritual cosmologies, philosophies and practices across millennia from the ancient Black Egyptians to contemporary times continentally and its legacy in the Diaspora, in systems such as Haitian Vodou and Brazilian Candomble.

It highlights the depth of commonality between them and proves they are but different branches of the same tree, that is, they share a common origin and are in essence, the same.

Topics covered include the African conception of the Creator/‘God’, Nature and the Natural Forces, nature of humanity, Ancestral veneration and communication and various forms of African rituals and prayers.

Systems covered include Akan (Ghana), Dagara, (Burkina Faso), Kemetic Science (Ancient Egypt), Haitian Vodou (Haiti), Zulu (South Africa), and more. It also contains a dedicated section on rituals from the various traditions to instruct and guide those interested in living and cultivating an African spiritual-centred live – initiates and non-initiates alike.

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